SMTP Mail Server for Transactional & Bulk Email Delivery

Reliable Dedicated SMTP Mail Server, Easy User Access, at cheap price, It’s easy to use our SMTP service into CMS portal, CRM Tools, or other systems and send bulk emails to your customers using your own online system.

SMTP Service Features

Dedicated IP

Use a dedicated IP address to increase your sender reputation and avoid blacklisting of your IP due to someone else’s actions.

SPF & DKIM records

Authenticate that it’s extremely your own company and domain sending the message, and limit the number of messages that are stamped spam by utilizing the cryptographic methods SPF and DKIM.

Private SMTP Relay

We offer Private SMTP relay, So it help you deliver at optimal speed and good deliverability.


PLAN Email 10K Email 30K Email 60K Email 120K
Price $20 monthly $40 monthly $75 monthly $140 monthly
Email Credits / Month 10,000 Emails 30,000 Emails 60,000 Emails 120,000 Emails
SMTP Access yes yes yes yes
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