Dedicated SMTP Server

Hosthrone offers top-brand dedicated servers. Fully customizable. Deployed in company-owned data centers in the Netherlands, USA, UK or at PoP location in Frankfurt. Our managed/ unmanaged dedicated servers are backed by CloudStatiion’s 10 Tbit/s global backbone and 24/7/365 technical engineering support. Guaranteed speeds and 40 Gbit/s Anti-DDoS as standard.

In this noisy universe of digital marketing, getting you a Dedicated SMTP Server is like using a private jet for mailing. This tool enables businesses in India to send large volumes of mail without fear of being throttled or falling into spam traps. When you use a dedicated SMTP server, you have options for personalization and control that guarantee results because marketing campaigns will always hit their intended target audience. It’s a commitment to excellence, a statement that you value your communication enough to invest in its delivery. This server is your brand’s digital emissary, carrying your voice with integrity and precision. It’s not just about sending emails; it’s about making sure they land with impact, resonate with your audience, and drive the results you desire. A dedicated SMTP server is more than just technology; it’s a strategic partner in your quest to connect, engage, and grow your business in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.

Dedicated SMTP Server

Choose Perfect Dedicated Server Package For You

At Hosthrone, find the cheapest dedicated server in India with premium security features, high RAM, Bandwidth, and storage.




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Reasons to Buy a Dedicated Server with Hosthrone

Focused on providing German Quality

Since founding in 2020 Hosthrone is committed to provide German quality in every aspect of our business.

Global Availability

Hosthrone operates Data Centers in key Regions around the globe. All of them use the same platform and the quality standards.


Select the RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) configuration that meets your needs. Every configuration is available to select based on the number of disks deployed, RAID 0 through RAID 60.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting

We offer the best dedicated server hosting services to individuals and businesses all over the globe. We want to ensure that our clients, no matter their location, benefit from our quality hosting services.

Exclusive Computing Power

No noisy neighbors, no virtualization, the power of the entire physical bare metal server just for you.

99.9% Uptime Guaranteed


Avoid cheap hosting offers out there. The Dedicated server hosting price is worth it in the long run because it’s reliable, trusted, and durable. Your site will thank you.